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Madonna’s Iconic Photos - French fashion photographer recreates iconic Madonna photos with his dog!

Funny Fake Designs - Some fake designs that are pretty funny image gallery.

Lol Bad Haircuts - Some pictures of really fucked up haircuts for men.

Squiggle Eyebrows Trend Takes Over Instagram - Just when we thought we have seen it all, along came squigglebrows and squigglelips!

This Is Why Men Dont Live Long - About 40 or so pictures illustrating why men dont live that long!

Jim Jeffries Freedumb Full Show - Full show on youtube of Australian stand-up comedian Jim Jeffries. Funny fucker!

More Bad Day Picture Dump - Another picture dump of people having a bad day.

Epic Pix - Loads of funny pictures to pass the day away while you work!

Some Phunny Pictures - A bunch of funny pictures from

Having A Bad Day - Pictures of people who are clearly having a bad day.

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