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People Who Cheated Death - Here are the incredibly lucky people who have managed to avoid disaster in their lives.

Eerie Quotes From Musicians Who Died - Some of the words left by these musicians can lead to eerie sensations about their passing.

Creepy Fan Letters - 10 creepy fan letters written to mass murderers and monsters.

Unibrow Latest Instagram Beauty Trend - Women all over Instagram are manifesting their hate for two eyebrows with #UnibrowMovement hashtag.

So Fucking Gross - I am warning you not to watch this gif image!

10 Countries Where Your Pet Is Just Livestock - Some people have no qualms about eating these animals, that some may consider as pets.

How Cults Recruit - The process is actually remarkably similar from cult to cult!

8yo Boy Marries - In South Africa an 8-year-old boy married a 61-year-old woman because his dying grandfather told him to do so.