Big Fat Ass

Big Fat Ass

There was a time when women would be made fun of for having a big fat ass. I always thought it was madness. A big juicy butt is like a dream come true for me. Give me a young fresh-faced teenager with a large booty, and I’m coming right there in my Calvins. When I found this website with free teen curves videos, I kept visiting and coming back to it daily. It’s kind off what made me do the face down ass up gallery!

Free Big Fat Ass Video

These young teen girls strip down and bare their bubble butts; you’ll be losing your shit over this. These girls know just how hot they are, and the effect they have on mankind all over the world! Their sexual appetites are through the roof, and they are completely down with clapping that ass before you hit it from the back.


The teen in the video above is Adriana Maya who has the best phat booty I have seen in years! You can watch her booty shaking in another free video here.


When i’m out and about on the razz, I am always on the look out for thick and chunky girls. most of the time they are overlooked because of their plus size, but that just means more prey for me! If you were to look at the videos I have downloaded to my hard drive, you’ll find most feature a big fat ass wobbling about.